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Please note: You can also receive free copies of any GCG Resources by contacting our office.

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Feature article by Clare Taylor-Henry, ANUConserving frogs before they croak.

General information

Frogs of the ACT Region - Poster
Our poster highlights many of the frog species most commonly found in the ACT and region, as well as a couple of rare species. It includes a photograph of each, and descriptions of appearance, calls and habitat.
You can download a pdf of the poster here, or contact the GCG office to receive a free A1 copy.


Glove box guide to Frogs of the ACT Region

The Molonglo Catchment Group has published a field guide to assist in the identification of selected frogs of the ACT and surrounding areas.

The guide has been produced with the support of Forde Developments and with the cooperation of Frogwatch ACT.

You can download a pdf of the guide here.




Creating a Frog Friendly Habitat in the ACT Community.

A helpful resource for residents in the ACT and Region with advice to encourage frogs to your backyard, school ground or rural property. Includes a list of recommended local plants for your frog habitat.

Click here to download (520 kb).


Frogwatch census

Download the entire Community Frogwatch Census Kit (11.3 MB), or just some parts of it:

  1. About Frogwatch, including the Frogwatch Monitoring Strategy (1.1 MB)
  2. Frog Species of the ACT and Region (2.8 MB)
  3. Frogwatch Monitoring (1.3 MB)
  4. More Resources and Information (566 kb)

Also included:

•  Audio CD, “Frog Calls of the ACT and SE NSW”, by Ederic Slater. Please contact the Frogwatch Coordinator for a free copy of the audio CD.



Each of the calls on the cd can also be found on this site in mp3 format under Frog Identification.

Frogwatch Census Reports
The annual Frogwatch Reports summarise the results of the National Water Week Community Frogwatch Census, conducted in October each year. Downloadable files are available for 2003 - 2015 (excluding 2013, 2014). To download files of any of the Frogwatch Reports, click here.

Related resources

Bonking in the garden. Bonking in the Garden is the Why, How, and What of frog-friendly gardening - the indispensable introduction to attracting frogs to your garden. It has been published by Frog Watch (Victoria) as a small booklet and is now available online for you to keep. Visit to download this from the Frog Watch Victoria website.

Frogs in an Effluent Society. Published by the World Wildlife Fund. Comprehensive guide explaining how environmental contaminants affect frogs - what pollutants are out there and where they come from, what we do and don’t know, what you can do to help and where to go for further information. Visit to download this from the WWF website.

Guidelines CoverUrban Habitat Guidelines - Produced as part of the Life in the Suburbs initiative to enhance community understanding of Urban Biodiversity and its importance in the future sustainability of our city. The Guidelines provide a guide to understanding the importance of urban habitat, and include principles for managing urban habitat, steps to reduce human induced threats to urban biodiversity, and practical guidelines for developing habitat gardens and landscapes.  The guidelines include many links to ACT specific information, educational resources and contacts. Go to the link here to download  the guidelines -

Online resources

There are a number of great websites, with information about Australian frog species, habitat requirements and  downloadable files of mating calls. Click here for details.