FROGWATCH CENSUS Next one: 20.10-26.10.19

Eavesdropping on frogs at night is heaps fun and a good  reason for getting off the couch- not only during Census week.

The 2018 FrogCensus has come and gone!! If you are keen to adopt a Frogwatch site for monthly monitoring, please let me know!!

Want to enter your survey data??

LINK TO Frogwatch DATA PORTAL– for site information and data entry – click here or use this link

For downloading:

To take to the field with you:

To track your volunteer hours (please submit on completion):

COMPULSORY – if you like to be insured while doing field work for Frogwatch- print out, sign and return to Frogwatch:

Frogwatch Census Kit

The NKit Coverational Water Week Community Frogwatch Kit contains all the information you need to participate in the annual Census. Hard copies of the Frogwatch Census Kit will be available at our training events, or on request to the Frogwatch Coordinator. Please note that the links below take you to an older version of the Census Kit. Most information is still valid but we do use a different method for the online data entry now!!

You can download the whole Frogwatch Census Kit 2008_PDF (11.3 MB) at once.

Or, just some parts of it:

  1. About Frogwatch, including the Frogwatch Monitoring Strategy (1.1 MB)
  2. Frog Species of the ACT and Region (2.8 MB)
  3. Frogwatch Monitoring (1.3 MB)
  4. More Resources and Information (566 kb)