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Eavesdropping on frogs at night is heaps of fun and you can do it throughout the year – best on calm, mild nights after rain. No previous knowledge required- come and join us!! 

The 2020 Training seminars have all finished and were a great success. All trained volunteers can adopt a FrogWatch site(or several) for the 2020 October Census?? Remember each site needs to be monitored at least twice during October!!

Here is the BOOKINGSHEET (please read below the important instructions!!)

A) the booking sheet has 3 tabs-

  1. FW sites in alphabetical order- please enter your and your buddy(s) name into this list- to do this click on OPEN IN GOOGLE SHEETS (ON TOP OF SHEET- only works if you are signed in to your google account) before you enter the names- 
  2. If you are unable to enter your name please send me an email to with your name and the code(s) of your chosen site(s).
  3. FW sites sorted according to the suburbs/park etc where they are in- this might make it easier to find sites that are near your area of interest
  4. FW sites sorted according to the general area that they are in

B) you can click onto the site code (hyperlink) and it will take you to the Canberra Nature Map and to teh site page of your chosen site- find previous surveys and more information about the location etc.)

C) Private sites can only be accessed by the owner of that property, so please respect this


Here an awesome find – Neobatrachus sudellaethe spotted burrowing frog, along with Crinia signnifera, C. parinsignifera and Limnodynastes tasmaniensis, was “caught” after >30mm of rain frolicking in the ponds of the Arboretum!!- Have a listen to the beautiful calls

Want to enter your survey data??

LINK TO Frogwatch DATA PORTAL– for site information and data entry – click here or use this link

(Please let me know if there are any issues with the webpage).

Follow this link to get some tips on how to navigate through the Frogwatch data portal

For downloading:

To take to the field with you:

Frogwatch Census Kit

The NKit Coverational Water Week Community Frogwatch Kit contains all the information you need to participate in the annual Census. Hard copies of the Frogwatch Census Kit will be available at our training events, or on request to the Frogwatch Coordinator. Please note that the links below take you to an older version of the Census Kit. Most information is still valid but we do use a different method for the online data entry now, have extended the survey period to all of October, and utilise a different field data sheet (see above)!! Find updated contact details here

Ask the Frogwatch Coordinator for the latest edition. Alternatively, you can download the whole Frogwatch Census Kit 2008_PDF (11.3 MB) or just some parts of it:

  1. About Frogwatch, including the Frogwatch Monitoring Strategy (1.1 MB)
  2. Frog Species of the ACT and Region (2.8 MB)
  3. Frogwatch Monitoring (1.3 MB)


Want to brush up on your identification skills??

Follow this link to come to our frog ID practice page, where you can learn to id single frog species and whole choruses!!