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Hello FrogLovers! Interested in joining the team in eavesdropping on our local frogs?? October is FrogCensus month and FrogWatch needs trained volunteers to help with the survey efforts. Come along and learn how, where and when to monitor frogs and be part of this long-term citizen science program.

Census training events are usually offered during September. FrogWatch also runs field trips and other frog-related activities throughout the year. Simply send an email to frogwatch@ginninderralandcare.org.au to express your interest and get added to our mailing list.

2022 has definitely been a whopper year! 75 survey teams checked out the 230 FrogWatch survey sites. The number of surveys per survey team ranged from 1 to  24, covering between 1 and 11 FrogWatch sites. What an amazing effort!

Frogwatch Census Kit 

The FrogCensus Handbook contains all the information you need to participate in the annual Census. Hard copies are available at our training events, or on request from the FrogWatch Coordinator.

Do not forget your FrogWatch Field Data Sheet – PDF format

Audio CD, “Frog Calls of the ACT and SE NSW”, by Ederic Slater. Please contact the Frogwatch Coordinator for a free copy.

Each of the calls on the CD can also be found in our Frog Identification below.

Want to brush up on your identification skills??

Follow this link to come to our frog ID practice page, where you can learn to id single frog species and whole choruses!!