1. Go to the FrogWatch data portal, which sits hidden inside the Canberra Nature Map http://frogwatch-act.naturemapr.org/

2. Never done this before?? Simply create your personal login details and you are set. If you already have a CNM login, it will work for FW as well!

3. Sign in using your personal login details.

4. Find a site to monitor by clicking on Locations and then Points of Interest.  This will take you to a page with a map and a site list.

The map shows an icon for each site. By clicking on an icon, the site code and name will be revealed, and the provided link will take you to the information page for this particular FW site.

The list shows all current FW sites in alphabetical order

a) If you know the code of the site you want to monitor, click on the site code in the list of FW sites for more information.
b) If you are looking for a site near you, check out the map or scroll through the site list or the online Booking Sheet (more information below)

If unsure you can always email Anke Maria and ask for assistance! 

c) On a FW site page you can get lots of information You can chose SIGHTINGS, SURVEYS and FIELD GUIDE. Important information for the best site access, and a site map are shown on the right hand side in thesurvey and sighting view.

SIGHTINGS will show a list of all frog sightings at the site. If no sightings show make sure you click on the LIST sign, rather than the photo or microphone sign (top right).

SURVEYS  lists all surveys that have been done at a site in chronological order. To get the survey results, click on each survey. The FW coordinator can help you downloading surveys data if you would like.

FIELD GUIDE provides you with a summary of all species ever detected at the site. Clicking on a frog species will show you all the times and places, where this species has been found during FW activities.



log on to https://frogwatch-act.naturemapr.org/

Go to ADD A SURVEY and there to FROG SURVEY

The electronic field data sheet will pop up and you can enter your data. Use the top grey box to upload your recording and photos.

Once you have entered all your data press the green REPORT THIS SURVEY button and prestoallakazoo- its done!!


A) the booking sheet has 3 tabs-

TAB 1    FW sites in alphabetical order– please enter your and your buddy(s) name into this list- to do this click on OPEN IN GOOGLE SHEETS (ON TOP OF SHEET- only works if you are signed in to your google account) before you enter the names-   If you are unable to enter your name please send me an email to frogwatch@ginninderralandcare.org.au with your name and the site code(s) that you would like to monitor.

Sites Nearby – in the column next to the site code – assist you in finding FW sites in close proximity, in case you want to monitor several sites.

TAB 2    FW sites sorted by suburbs/park – will assist you in finding sites near your suburb/your area of interest

TAB 3     FW sites sorted by area – will assist you in finding sites in your region (e.g. Belconnen, West Belconnen, Inner North, Woden etc)

B) you can click onto the site code (hyperlink) and it will take you to the Canberra Nature Map and to the site page of your chosen site- find previous surveys and more information about the exact location, site access using the tabs  [ field guide | sightings | surveys ]

C) Private sites can only be accessed by the owner of that property, so please respect this.

D) Remote sites are generally done by the FrogWatch team as they require late night driving or even overnight camping. If you are interested in assisting with remote surveys, send us an email and we will make it possible.

Using the Booking sheet helps ensure that all FrogWatch sites will get monitored each year. In case you have signed up to monitor a site and can no longer do the required minimum of two surveys during October, you need to inform the FrogWatch team immediately, so that alternative arrangements can be put into place.