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Hall Landcare Group

Geographic area: Hall Landcare Group is an active group, engaging in a wide range of Landcare activities in the Hall District.

Activities: Everything related to caring for the local flora and fauna and their ecosystems, including tree planting, weeding, and pollinator care- see pictures below!

Meeting: The group meets on an per-needs-basis 

Contact: Convenor Bob Richardson richwhite@bigpond.com


Pictures (all provided by Bob Richardson) of 1. tree planting in the CSIRO station at Hall in 2019, 2. Tree maintenance by hand watering during the drought, 3. Endless tree watering in the Hall village, 4. Replacing trees at Hall showground after the drought, 5. The removal of blackberry in Hall Creek Park, 6. Promoting Air-bee-n-bees, also known as bee-hotels, to help the local pollinator fauna.