About Us

GCG’s mission is to ‘connect, support and lead local communities to maintain and improve the health of the Ginninderra Catchment and surrounding environments’.

GCG is both a community-based natural resource management organisation and a Landcare network, operating primarily in the north-west ACT Region.  We support17 Landcare Groups (including Parkcare, urban, rural, junior, and Aboriginal Landcare Groups) and coordinate numerous community engagement and landscape-scale restoration programs.

GCG is one of three community Catchment Groups is the ACT.  It has strong partnerships with local, regional and national bodies. Current GCG priority program areas can be seen here.

GCG provides a network for our member groups and volunteers; linking the catchment community with the ACT Government and other stakeholders, providing assistance with project development and implementation, and facilitating community forums for ideas and discussion.  Our organisation has demonstrated significant achievements in integrated environmental activities across all tenures (rural, urban and reserve) and landscape types in the ACT Region.

Our committee

The Ginninderra Catchment Group is run by a volunteer committee.

December 2018 – December 2019 Committee

Convenor Sandy Lolicato

Vice Convenor Dr Ken Hodgkinson

Secretary Elena  Grigorieva

Treasurer John Connelly

Education Officer Yvette Perine

Public Officer Fred Fawke

General Members Wally Bell, Raj Kaus

Download (PDF, 171KB)

Our staff

Executive Officer – Karissa Preuss

Waterwatch Coordinator – Bruno Ferronato

ACT Frogwatch Coordinator – Anke Maria Hoefer

Projects Officer – Fiona Spier

Bookkeeper – Julian Low

Annual Reports


Ginninderra Catchment Group Strategy, 2000

Ginninderra Catchment Group Strategy 2000 (1MB) – The Ginninderra Catchment Group has developed clear strategic priorities to improve the health, diversity and productivity of the catchment and creek system. Unfortunately, hard copies are not currently available.

Download (PDF, 1024KB)

Ginninderra Catchment Group Brochures


(Barton HWY to Macgregor)(1.5 MB)


  • Includes Plant List and Planting Templates
  • Find out about the history and habitat values of the Mulligans Flat Nature Reserve. This leaflet includes some suggested walking trails with a map of the reserve.

    Download (PDF, 827KB)

    Download (PDF, 1.47MB)

  • Dunlop Grasslands Brochure – Find out about the significance of the Dunlop Grasslands Nature Reserve. Includes a map of the Reserve.

    Download (PDF, 1.49MB)

  • Are these weeds invading your neighborhood? – Find out about 3 silent invaders: Chilean Needle Grass, Serrated Tussock and African Love Grass.

    Download (PDF, 255KB)


Our Members

The Ginninderra Catchment Group supports volunteers to undertake environmental activities in a number of ways. Our current members come from a variety of backgrounds and their interests vary. Some members are motivated by improving the areas surrounding their homes, whilst others have specific interests in issues such as water quality, weed management, education or threatened flora and fauna. The Group recognises that many of our members are not interested or unable to participate in the more rigorous activities such as weed removal or revegetation but can provide invaluable support in other ways, often through our working groups or helping out with administrative tasks.

Become a Member

To become a member of the Ginninderra Catchment Group, just download the GCG Membership Application Form (348 kb), fill in the details and fax or post (click for details)

Application to Join The Ginninderra Catchment Group



hereby apply to become a member of the Ginninderra Catchment Group Inc. I am aware of and am committed to the basic objectives of the Group.
My contact details:
Home Telephone:

Work Telephone:


Email (required):

If applicable, the name of site/Group I work on the majority of the time (eg Umbagong Park):

Emergency Contact Name:

Emergency Contact Phone:

I declare that in lodging this online application that:

  • The information provided is true and correct
  • I agree to abide by the constitution of the Ginninderra Catchment Group Inc.
  • I will ensure that I sign 'sign on/sign off' activity sheets to record my participation in Catchment Group activities
  • I will advise Ginninderra Catchment Group project supervisors of any circumstances including a medical condition or treatment that may preclude me from any activities.
Please add me to the email update list:

Individual Membership

The Ginninderra Catchment Group encourages and supports membership by individual volunteers. Individual volunteers need not be directly associated with one of our Landcare groups, but may like to be involved in activities in different geographic areas or from time to time.
The Group aims to provide a wide range of volunteering opportunities for people from all walks of life, with different interests and skills. A range of flexible volunteering roles exist such as:

  • Waterwatch
  • Frogwatch
  • Landcare
  • Conducting research into different aspects of best practice environmental management.
  • Providing input to Group submissions and plans on various issues.
  • Assisting with graphic design and publishing of various documents.
  • Assisting in administration activities such as proof-reading documents, typing, filing and data entry.

We can also connect you with a wider network of environmental organizations and their activities such as Greening Australia, Conservation Council of the South East Region and Canberra, Canberra Environment Centre, Conservation Volunteers Australia, Canberra Ornithologists Group, ANUGreen and many others.

How Do I Get Involved?

  • Receive Regular Email Updates

You can sign up to receive our regular email updates. These come out about once a fortnight or month, and let you know about various events, working bees and current news that is happening across the catchment, and in the wider region.
Email: landcare@ginninderralandcare.org.au and ask to be added to the email update list.

  • Speak to us.

Contact one of our Coordinators to discuss activities that you might like to get involved in, to suit your interests and skills.