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GCG’s mission is to ‘connect, support and lead local communities to maintain and improve the health of the Ginninderra Catchment and surrounding environments’

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Our Programs

Landcare and ParkCare

Support urban volunteer groups to rehabilitate and care for patches of urban habitat
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Aboriginal Land Management

Opportunities to engage the indigenous community through Landcare based activities
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Rural Landcare

Providing support network for rural Landcare groups in the Ginninderra Catchment
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A community water quality monitoring program
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A science and community oriented program.
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Environmental Education

Programs to assist schools in engaging kids with the environment
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Restoring Woodland

Projects to restore resilience to endangered Box Gum Woodland Communities
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Restoring Grasslands

Community stewardship of significant remnant grasslands in the Ginninderra Catchment
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Waterways and Riparian

Focus on improving water quality and habitat values of Ginninderra Creek
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What was your patch once like? Landcaring history in Ginninderra Creek’s Catchment

By Rosemary Blemings.  Raindrops that fall onto each of our Landcare volunteering sites may eventually reach the 40m high Ginninderra Falls and the Murrumbidgee River...
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Flood clean-up at Umbagong District Park

By Caroline Wenger, Umbagong Landcare Group.  The August 2022 floods caused sandbars to obstruct footpaths and transported rubbish into Umbagong District Park. Find out how...
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Sowing the seeds for the future

By Sarah Hnatiuk, Friends of Mt Painter Convenor A chance event six years ago that involved a Macquarie Primary School teacher and a member of...
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