FROGWATCH Climate Change Project

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Since 2015, Frogwatch has been investigating behavioural shifts in frogs related to climate change, such as the earlier onset of breeding. For this project volunteers have been monitoring specific sites across the ACT weekly from June until the end of October each year.

Interestingly, 2015 was a very cold year, 2016 a very wet year and 2017 a very dry year. 2018- our forth and final year, has presented itself with a cold winter and overall very little rain. We are currently sorting and verifying data so that the analysis can start in the new year!!

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A great article about aspects of this project was published in The Conversation: Friday Essay: frogwatching – charting climate change’s impact in the here and now. (July 6, 2018)

More information here  Project outline and procedures     

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Since 2015, this project has been generously funded by the ACT Government, Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate

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