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FrogWatch EDUCATION#1 Tadpole Kits for Schools Program

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TADPOLE KITS FOR SCHOOLS- funded by Icon Water

no longer a tadpole, not yet a frog

Are your students keen to learn more about frogs, care for tadpoles and watch them turn into frogs?? Then this fascinating and rewarding activity is for you!

Removing and displacing tadpoles and frogs from the wild is illegal in the ACT but FrogWatch can help you to get tadpoles into your classroom. Our Tadpole Kits contain everything you need to successfully raise tadpoles to young frogs.


Tadpole Kits are limited so better get in soon. Bookings are strictly- first paid best dressed, with a 4 kits limit per school- but remember- sharing is caring! Thanks to funding from Icon Water Tadpole Kits are available for a much-reduced loan fee of $40 per kit, paired with a $50 refundable deposit


The 2022 Tadpole Kit Program will open at the start of Term 3, when requests can be entered via our online booking sheet 

  1. Once the booking process has opened (Beginning of Term 3) fill in the Tadpole Kit request form  YOU WILL NEED YOUR ORGANISATION’S BANK ACCOUNT DETAIL FOR THIS!!
  2. An invoice will be emailed to you within 72 hours so that you can organize your payment, using the provided payment reference.
  3. The payment is due within 5 working days and will finalize your booking. NOTE: If the payment has not been received within 5 working days of issue, your booking will be cancelled.
  4. Late payments and payments made without provided payment reference will not be accepted
  5. Read and download the Tadpole Kits for Schools Terms and Conditions , the FrogWatch’s Tadpole Kit Program DIARY and our other teaching resources, including a range of educational videos
  6. Enter pick up and return dates into your calendar.

Tadpole kits pick up 2022: First day of Term 4, Monday 10. October, 8am-5pm @ FrogWatch Headquarter, Old Kippax Health Centre, Kippax Place, Holt (Marker states Belconnen Community Service Kippax on provided map)

Tadpole kits return 2022- unless arranged otherwise: Last Monday of Term 4, 12. December, 8am-5pm  @ FrogWatch Headquarter, Kippax Health Centre, Kippax Place, Holt,  (Marker states BCS Kippax on provided map)

Looking forward to working with you!

Missed out this time?? Simply send an email to actfrogwatcheducator@gmail.com, stating your name, your school and contact number, and we will add you to the Tadpole Kits for Schools alert list for next year.