"> Frogwatch EDUCATION#2 FROGTALK SCHOOL VISITS - Ginninderra Catchment Group


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Are your students interested in frogs and are asking more questions than you can find answers for?? Are you teaching climate change, development, water, habitat, adaptations, evolution or nature in general??

Our school visits will increase your students’ awareness and appreciation of frogs as indicator species of environmental health. Presentations are tailored for different age groups and students interests and generally contain a presentation, a student led QnA session, and interactive learning opportunities.

HOW TO BOOK A FrogTalk: simply email your request to the Frogwatch education officer @ actfrogwatcheducator@gmail.com.

To supplement our frog talks, we have have developed a wide range of teacher-guided activities and lesson plans suitable for primary school aged children. These can be accessed with a presentation, or can be viewed online on our Teachers resource page