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Wallaroo Landcare Group

The Wallaroo Landcare Group operates as a loose association of landholders in the Wallaroo area just to the north of the ACT in NSW. Most landholders in the area have properties of at least 40 Ha and are generally fully occupied managing their own properties. A series of workshops organised by GCG during 2018, identified integrated weed control, property planning and sustainable farming practices as issues. This includes erosion control, revegetation, feral animal control, weed identification and management (particularly willow management), all of which property owners are keen to address on their own land and in a collaborative and strategic manner. As such, it functions as a network for information sharing and exchange. Another ongoing issue that has been identified is the illegal dumping in the Wallaroo area.

Should the recent application by GCG for offset funds related to the upgrade of the Barton Highway (Stage 1 ACT border to Kaveneys Road) be successful the group would be keen to apply such funds to the restoration of the Hall and Bedulluck Travelling Stock Routes.

Contact: Convenor John Connelly, percyconnelly@yahoo.com, or contact the GCG office 62783309, landcare@ginninderralandcare.org.au