Wallaroo Landcare Group

The Wallaroo/Hall Landcare Group is an emerging Landcare Group that has developed over the last 12 months following a series of workshops focused on integrated weed control, property planning and sustainable farming practices.   The group aims to support landholders in undertaking Landcare related activities on their land in a collaborative and strategic manner.  As such, it functions as a network for information sharing and exchange with bimonthly guest speakers.  It also provides community education focused on Landcare related issues through the Hall and District Rural Fringe and is in the process of establishing a webpage to assist this purpose.

At a recent planning session, the group decided to focus this year on erosion control, revegetation, feral animal control, weed identification and management (particularly willow management), and addressing illegal dumping in the Wallaroo area. This is part of the Action on Weeds around Wallaroo project.

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